Ortiz Bonito del Norte Tuna

Ortiz Bonito del Norte Tuna

In Spain, Bonito del Norte is considered the best tuna and part of the Mediterranean diet. Not at all like supermarket tinned tuna, this white tuna belly is tender with a great flavour and delicate texture.

Best eaten as part of a simple salad with good bread to appreciate its flavour.

Ortiz white tuna are individually line caught with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season in the Bay of Biscay. This age-old technique of selective fishing (which also avoids unwanted fish being discarded) respects the environment and protects marine reserves.

Comes in a tin with olive oil and sea salt.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated in a non-metallic container, covered in its oil, and consume within 3 days.

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