This could be classed as "cheat's pizza" because the most time-consuming element has been taken care of for you. If you remember to prepare the dough in advance, you'll have this on the table faster than you could call a takeaway.

Pre-made pizza dough
Mutti Pizza Sauce
*Choose a selection of toppings
Harissa meze
Grilled artichokes
Smoked sundried tomatoes
Dried porcini mushrooms
Parmesan shavings

Our pizza dough comes frozen, each one large enough to be rolled out to a 10" pizza (although we like to stretch it to fit the rectangular baking tray we use.) Place the dough on a lightly oiled baking tray for around three hours, or until it has fully defrosted and risen.

On a lightly floured surface, roll or stretch it as thinly as you like - we like to make it almost transparent. Cover with the pizza sauce - you can mix a spoonful of harissa meze in to this if you like it fiery.

Top it with all your favourites; tear some mozzarella chunks, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, chorizo, grilled artichokes etc. Each person can create their own to save arguments!

Cook on a baking tray for around 10 minutes in a 210 degrees C oven (Gas  mark 8) or follow your pizza oven's guidelines instead.

It's ready when the crust is golden, the toppings are sizzling, and it's hot in the centre.



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